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A love letter dream

THE DREAM I dreamt that my boyfriends friend had sent me a love letter. It was a very intense and vivid dream.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had be dating a guy for a while but recently their relationship had become more like a brother sister relationship. Recently the dreamer had developed an attraction for her boyfriends friend (the guy in the dream).

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dreams can link to our basic urges. In real life the dreamer felt a strong attraction to the man in the dream. She perhaps felt guilty because she was already going out with his best friend. Whatever we tell ourselves strong urges will come out in dreams. The dream simply means "I fancy my boyfriends best friend".

The dream was described as intense and vivid. This also suggests that the dream linked to these strong urges. Vivid dreams will often link to strong emotions and particularly to strong emotions that we dare not feel.

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