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Foreign and home doctors - dream dictionary meanings

THE DREAM I am in some hospital receiving treatment. There is a nurse introducing me to the various procedures that need to be carried out. I am chatting with her about precisely what has to be done. At one stage I wash my hair. The nurse also mentions something about foreign and home doctors. I say that you cannot have too many foreign doctors because you will not be able to communicate properly. There had to be the right balance of English speaking and foreign speaking doctors.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer was pretty down - lacking in enthusiasm for the world and with current plans very much disrupted. The dreamer had already decided to confront these feelings and freshen his life up.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams will often home in on feelings that are in our minds at the time of the dream. The night before the dreamer had been a little down. He knew he was in a rut and needed to break out of it. Hospitals in dreams can link to real illnesses but they can also be a symbol of health in a wider sense. They represent attempts to make our lives better and more healthier. The dream features foreign doctors and home based doctors. In this case the dreamer was aware of the need to freshen up his life. The foreign doctors refer to doing something a little foreign or unfamiliar. In that sense he knew he had to break out of a routine. He knew he had to try something new to make life more interesting.

Dream Dictionary
DOCTOR : "the dreamer is addressing his own health and emotional well being on a day to day basis"
FOREIGN : "trying something just a bit different will help improve his spirits"
HOME : "the dreamers own body and health - thoughts linked to his own emotional well being"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I need to get out of and about. I am in a bit of a rut. Maybe I should try something a little new and a bit different"

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