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Lead army - dream analysis

THE DREAM It was a star wars dream. We were having a war against the empire,which Anakin was leading (he already went to the dark side). I was helping lead my army. I kept going back and forth getting supplies between the two armies,which I could have been shot down at any moment,but they held their fire. Went I came back to my little office room,which had the leader of our army,and a few robots,which aimed at me when I came back in,I had to check in with all 4 of them. So I remember the war starting and everyone fighting,but Anakin just sat there watching. When it was all over a few minutes later (I don't know who won) Anakin went to back of something like a stage,and saw his mother on the floor,but she was a Twi'Lek (Those things with the 2 tentacles like things on their heads) . And someone said she was burnt and walked over here and fell writhing on the floor. (Gruesome thought,especially since my mind played it out for me in my dream -.-) She wad dead. He was very enraged,and went to a council meeting about something and then he went to this one planet. It was raining,and this girl kept asking him for food. The grass was very tall,so he lost her in it. He came to this dirt road,when a boy,younger then the girl, drove up and started asking him for some food. He ignored them,knowing they were brother and sister,and walked through a trail in the tall grass,to this little hut type thing. There were guards which he overthrew easily,and sat down in front of a guy,which I think was green and monstrous. Anyway the green guy started talking about how Anakin had to do something,if not this one kid would be killed,by being stretched to death. The thing concerned planets. Then Anakin said "Why must you do this to me?" and he put his head back against the wall. He seemed not to be as evil as he looked. (And no he did not look like Darth Vader)

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer did not do much. She visited the zoo and with her friend and could not stop thinking about her crush.

DREAM ANALYSIS Star wars is a harmless fantasy and may simply express this dreamers day dreaming. Space in dreams can link to our imaginations and the limitless expanse within them. So its an excellent symbol for an out of control imagination.

The dream also features food and food often links to things which feed our minds. This hunger in the dream symbolises a certain boredom within the dreamer and a need to do things which interest her.

Symbolic Meanings
HUNGER : "hungry for life"
MONSTER : "huge and out of control - her fantasies out of control"
ROBOT : "acting in an automated and unnatural way - her crush is manipulated in her fantasies to do what she wants"
SPACE : "the world of ideas - the dreamers own fantasy world"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I cannot stop thinking about my crush right now. I am living in fantasy land"

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

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