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A dream where you are bitten by a snake

Look how a snake dream could be a metaphor for your emotions. Who has been "snake like"? Obviously this usually has negative meanings. The previous day the dreamer had been thinking over an intellectual debate the day before where she felt vulnerable. So perhaps the snake represents the biting remarks that people made.

THE DREAM There's a toy like object on the floor. A woman picks it up and turns it over. A snake crawls out and bites her in her palm. No-one wants to help her. She begins to shake all over and turns white in the face. At last someone helps her.

THE REALITY During the previous days the dreamer had engaged in a deep debate on an intellectual level. She felt vulnerable at certain points. Finally she came across a response that she felt was going to win her the argument. She was going to establish control again. She felt confidence in her own opinions and beliefs.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are very much linked to the here and now. that moment when you wake up. That dream captures your feelings right there right then. Especially about the previous day and new conclusions that have just happened.

Symbolic Meanings
HELP : "The dreamer at last feels able to cope with the personal criticism that has been aimed at her. She has posted the last "
SNAKE : "The dreamer encountered real life very personal criticism - she certainly felt bitten by this criticism. "
TOY : "Something interesting - the dreamer was drawn to an intellectual debate toying with certain ideas. At first this was simply an intellectual debate later it turned personal"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been arguing with her for ages it seems. I feel I am losing but just today I felt a real sense that I was winning the battle. "

See how the snake represents the criticism towards the dreamer.

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