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Dream symbols - romantic interest

THE DREAM I had a dream that I was in Lusaka but the way it looked it was not Lusaka I was with a guy I'm romantically interested in who lives in Lusaka. I felt like I had been there for the whole day and I hadn't gotten in contact with my mother that I had arrived safely so I sent her a text to tell her I had arrived and she sent me a long winded text about how she was so happy I was OK and she was thanking God I was OK. Then I remember we were going out with this guy I'm romantically interested in and some of his friends and cousins. We arrived at this place that looked like a house. When we entered the house the atmosphere was like that of a club me and the guy I'm interested in went to the basement where there were lots of little rooms. We went into one of the rooms and found twin babies in the room one boy and one girl. The boy was fast asleep so I picked up the girl and tried to get her to sleep while the guy I'm interested in took a seat on the couch and started smiling at me trying to get the baby to sleep. When the baby was finally dozing off I realized that it was Wednesday and I had to call my boss to tell her I wouldn't be coming in to work on Thursday.

[In real life - The man I am interested in romantically lives in Lusaka. My mother is very important to me we are quite close.]

[Whenever I travel I am very meticulous about informing my family that I arrived safely so I found it strange that I had taken so long to send my mother a text that I had arrived safely. The man I am interested in romantically lives in Lusaka and has a daughter who is a year old. A lot of my friends are starting to settle down and have families and I have been thinking about it as well.]

GUESSWORK The day before the dream the dreamer was thinking about Valentine's Day and how this year she'd be spending it alone. She realised that she would just have to accept it. She was also thinking about her new nephew and I how excited she was to meet him.

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1. The dream occurred on Valentines Day so could be easily connected with any romantic thoughts. It also features a man she is interested in and so definitely seems linked.
2. The dream also features babies and so could be related to anything to do with babies just recently. In this case the dreamer was thinking about her new nephew and how pleased she was to see him.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to dreamers thoughts the night before. The dream deals with the following themes
- Thoughts about Valentines Day
- Thoughts about her new nephew.

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture this thought that the dreamer was thinking at the time-"I was fantasising about Valentines Day and also have been looking forward to seeing my new nephew."

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