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Save and resuscitate - dream symbolism

The previous day the friend who was in this dream had been telling the dreamer of her bad luck. This dream seems to follow a similar theme and shows that this issue had touched the dreamer.

THE DREAM It was raining heavily and my friend was carrying an umbrella walking on the pavement. It was flooded. Suddenly she tripped and fell into a deep narrow drain. I lost sight of her quickly. I wanted to jump in to save her but the water was too deep. I thought I had lost her. Then the flood subsided and I saw her lying unconscious at the bottom of the drain, still submerged in water. I pulled her out and tried to resuscitate her. To my relief, she regained consciousness. Then she told me she lost her shoes in the water so I went to find them for her.

THE REALITY The previous night the dreamer had visited her friend who had told her she had been going through a series of bad luck that year.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Most dreams are about ourselves and issues affecting our mental health. However, we can dream about people close to us. If we sense that something is wrong with a friend we will dream about that. At the time of this dream the dreamer did not have any strong emotional issues affecting her so its fair to say that this issue was about her friend.

The meaning of this dream is easy to understand. It just mimics reality with a small sidestep. In real life the dreamer's friend was "in need of help" and in the dream her friend was "in need of help". The dream featured an identical theme to reality. Of course, the dream was more dramatic and involved a different kind of problem. Yet essentially the dream followed reality.

Why did the dream feature this serious life saving situation? Maybe the dream is making a point about how serious her friends problems were. It is likely that the dream captures this type of thought "She really is in a bad way. Her problems are worse than I imagined."

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