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Psychic dream - niece breaks arm

The day after this dream the dreamers niece broke her arm - this was a spooky coincidence.

THE DREAM I was at my sisters and my niece broke her arm and I was rushing around trying to get her to the doctor. I was trying to find a car or a ride. I am pretty sure that I found a ride in a van with someone that I knew. I don't remember who. I also remember being in some sort of an empty warehouse or school.

THE REALITY The next day or so the dreamers mother called him and told him that the same niece had broken her arm and was upset about it.

THE INTERPRETATION Well the coincidence is quite uncanny. It is up to the dreamer to decide if the dream was a premonition. The connection seems quite strong. Vans symbolise something that is hard work. That is in the wider sense. It symbolises something that is draining your energies and thoughts. So maybe the dream links to the worries that the incident caused. Empty buildings are sometimes associated with premonition dreams. It maybe that the empty building symbolises something that has not happened yet. That's just a theory. But it seems that empty buildings can be linked to things which are about to happen. Buildings as such link to constructions of the mind.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "a sense of how you are progressing towards your goals in the real world"
DOCTOR : "attending to some emotional or physical hurt - in this case linking to his nieces broken arm"

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