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Dream interpretation - flat tyre

THE DREAM - I was riding a bike. There was snow on the ground (although it's spring in reality!). By the road there was white snow but everywhere else it was mixed with the mud. I was in a hurry going in to the store to buy some groceries. I have no idea why I was in such hurry, but I was. My bike wasn't in quite good shape and I think its because I had a flat tyre. I had some groceries with me. And one of my shopping bags fell off my bike. I stop to pick it up but the groceries were all around. There was a big bottle of beer and it was broken. I start taking the glass and putting it away so someone wouldn't get hurt. I must mention that no one in my family drink beer. And I saw a bottle of water( also from my bag)that was of foreign manufacture - "EVIAN" water. It's quite good taste but it is expensive also. So I didn't know what I was carrying until it all felt of my bike? And the dominate feeling was that I could do nothing right even the simple things. I also felt that if I wanted the sun to shine then it would start raining.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer had a really bad day. She felt as if she shouldn't have got out of bed.

THE INTERPRETATION The link between dreams and the day before is quite strong. Often dreams will capture our response to something that happened. The dreamer had a very bad day the previous day. The dream perfectly captures her feelings from that day.

Bikes are a form of transport only designed for one. they capture moments when we are isolated or are struggling on our own. Here it perfectly captures her feelings of personal difficulties during that day. The flat tyre is especially symbolic of delays and a sense of inability to achieve what we want to achieve. Often dreams will capture such feelings from the day before. Occasionally we get days when we feel everything that could go wrong does go wrong. That sense is perfectly captured here. Snow is often linked to delays and problems. It shows we are unable to do what we wish to do.

Symbolic Meanings
BIKE : "feeling isolated and without support"
BUY : "try to achieve the things that you want - but often cannot get"
EXPENSIVE : "difficult to achieve"
FLAT TYRE : "a deflated feeling - linked to the day before"
GROCERIES : "the things you need in life"
ROAD : "events in real life as they bump into you and impact on your thoughts"
SHOPPING : "desperately wanting something"
SNOW : "a lack of real momentum - a very bad day which no progress seems to be made"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Yesterday was a really bad day for me. I felt as if it was an uphill struggle all day. I simply felt I should not have got out of bed!"

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