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Psychic dream of terror attacks in London

THE DREAM I am at home. There is a family who are absolutely horrible living next to me. This family were absolutely dreadful and were constantly committing crime.

THE REALITY On the very day of this dream there was a major terrorist attack on the dreamers home country - The UK. The six bombs went off in central London.

THE INTERPRETATION Bad dreams often come true on the very day of the dream. They may refer in a very oblique way to something. This dream will convince very few people but its just meant to show exactly how dreams work.

On the day of this dream there were at least six explosions in the dreamers home country of England. This assault by Al Quieda on central London was the UKs first experience of such a major terrorist attacks. Dreams capture emotions and this dream clearly shows something where there are negative emotions. The dream was really quite odd. The dreamer does have some neighbours who he does not get along with but in the dream this family were the most dreadful neighbours. There are almost no words how to describe how bad they were. The feeling was that bad.

So in that way this dream caught the feelings that even though the dreamers neighbours are not ideal things could be so much worse. It shows that close by lurk people with the most dreadful motives.

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