****dream@ ****dicts@ $$$$Handsome: $$$$Flirt: A dream of a flamenco dancer flirting with the dreamer was seen to be a premonition. The dreamer forgot about it and read it years later. The dream had taken on great significance as the dreamer had since met a flamenco dancer and married him. $$$$Rebirth: The dreamer had forgotten a dream about a rebirth involving a flamenco dancer. Much later she had read this on an old email and it had taken on a new significance as she had since married a flamenco dancer. The rebirth seems to be a symbol for her getting married, which is a kind of rebirth as your whole life changes after getting married. $$$$Shed: $$$$Snake: ****dicts@ ****fscore@4 ****fscore@****fgroup@premonitions****fgroup@ "/>

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Flamenco dancer premonition

THE DREAM I was with another man. A handsome Spaniard- a flamenco dancer. In the dream, we were flirting, we were hanging out. There was a point in the dream where there were other ladies interested in this man. He did not show any interest in them and only showed interest in me. The girl then unexpectedly smeared something on my upper lip. Some fatty cream- that really smelled. It smelled so bad, like a stink bomb- my flamenco dancer told me to please wash it off because he couldn’t kiss me. So I went to the restroom, and I started washing it off, and scrubbing with a paper towel. Then all of my sudden my skin shed off. At first it was subtle, then it really came off. Then some asian lady came and put a huge mask. In the mask was this minty cream- and when I pulled it off- my skin was refreshed. I woke up, and thought it was like a “rebirth” type of dream- like the way a snake shed’s it’s skin when it grows

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had been reading through some old emails and in one she read a dream she had sent someone. It was a dream of a handsome Flamenco dancer. This astonished the dreamer as she had since married a handsome Spaniard who is a flamenco dancer.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dreamer had forgotten this dream and in the mean time it took on a different meaning. The dream now seemed to be a premonition. The dream ends up with the flamenco dancer concentrating aream all his attentions on the dreamer like she was the only girl for him.

The dream also features this rebirth moment which also seems an interesting symbol as far as the marriage was concerned. Many might see marriage as a rebirth.

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