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White doves - dream analysis

THE DREAM I saw two golden bells ringing and white doves singing in joy. A stork was standing on the edge of a 3 story white and pink pretty house.

THE REALITY Two days later, the dreamers older brother called her and told her that he was getting married in two months. His fiance was already pregnant expecting a child in 7 months.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream seems to have caught the emotions associated with this event. The bells and white doves capture the elation and happiness of marriage. The beautiful house links to the dreamers brother starting his life afresh. Houses generally link to a new optimism and people starting out afresh in their lives. The stork has for a long time been a messenger of pregnancy.

It is difficult to prove any definite link between this dream and the reality it portrayed but if you believe in premonitions and telepathy then its easy to see why this is convincing.

Symbolic Meanings
BEAUTIFUL HOUSE : "a wonderful new beginning - a complete and positive change in her brothers personality and life"
GOLDEN BELLS : "a joyous event "
STORK : "storks have often been linked to pregnancy"
WHITE DOVES : "A wonderful omen for the future"

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