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Psychic dream - cat dead and bloody

THE DREAM I hear a dog barking so I get out on the balcony and I see this big dog eating my kittens chased the dog away and I go down in the yard I see the cat dead and I take her in my hands and my hands get all bloody. I could feel the blood on my fingers.

THE REALITY A few months later the the exact thing happens exactly as in the dreamers dream.

THE INTERPRETATION This dream certainly does not fit the usual time scale for premonitions. Most premonitions seem to come true immediately. It is easy to cast aside this premonition. If you leave it long enough any premonition will come true.

What can be said of this dream? Cats and dogs are strong symbols in our dreams. The dream may certainly have a symbolic meaning. But it is quite notable and may indeed be a premonition. It is such a graphic and obviously traumatic event. It is certainly possible that such an event may be seen deep into the future. Certainly the event will be imprinted on the dreamers mind forever.

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