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Dream - clarify the truth

THE DREAM I had a dream about writing an essay or trying to understand something. There were people with me and we were investigating or understanding something. I was saying that I understood one part but didn't quite get this second claim about him. I was trying to reread the article to get it. I was wanting to be sure that I understood this entirely and that any things I did not get were clarified. The second part was like a dramatic and theatrical metaphor. Someone explained that to me.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a writer and the next day decided that he was letting too many errors through in his work. He was making too many errors in expression and even spelling.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream features the dreamer trying to get it exactly right in some way. In real life he decided the next day to eradicate errors in his writing. This is exactly the same theme. The dreamer is even reading through some text and is thoroughly trying to get understand what it is saying.

The strange part of the dream is that the dreamer is not getting what is being written. If taken correctly then the dream is about his own writing, so he cannot understand his own writing. That seems odd but it's just the way dreams work. Actually if you go back and try to read something you have written it maybe badly written. Just because you have written it yourself then it's not necessarily well expressed or even correctly spelled.

Notice that the part that the dreamer does not get links to a theatrical or dramatic metaphor. This maybe the dream's way of saying that he want's to improve his writing and make it more theatrical and dramatic.

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