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A skaters and danger - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am in this huge park area. Its got loads of surfers and skater people - cool fearless people. There are these huge building structures. Down the sides of these there is a huge fall into a gutter. Its not that scary though - something I would walk along even though I am scared of heights. There are also underground tunnels. These guys are just thrill seeking. I am thinking of joining in. I am in a daring mood.

THE REALITY The dreamer was very phobic and anxious. He suffered from panics. Recently he had had some major problems as people focused on his inhibitions. As he woke up he had a new attitude to the day. He wanted to show the people who had tried to make a fool of him. Indeed the dream meaning is summed up in the last sentence "I am in a daring mood."

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams will often capture some new mood in you. If you wake up with a new attitude then its possible that this is in some way linked to your dream. That's possible in this case. The dreamer was thinking of approaching a problem with a new sense of courage. So in his way the dare devil skaters and thrill seekers represent his own wish to confront his own inhibitions.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
SKATERS: The dreamers own mood as he wanted to confront his own inhibitions. He had a new sense of bravado and courage. He felt excited by this new approach.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been very inhibited recently. I want to confront these problems. I woke up feeling excited and wanting to show people how little I cared about how they thought. "

See how the Symbolic meanings link to the dreamers assessment about his wish to overcome strong phobias and inhibitions.

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