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Dream symbolism - Formula One car

Look for little coincidences with real life. This dream features a phone and the dreamer had just got his first mobile phone. It is likely that the dream is about the dreamers emotions about getting a mobile phone.

THE DREAM : I am at some sort of race track. There are formula one cars there. I have a formula one phone with me.

THE REALITY The dreamer Had just got his first ever mobile phone the day before.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams can link to new events. In real life phones did feature significantly the day before. The dreamer had just got his first ever mobile phone. So its safe to assume that this dream links in a way to how he felt about this. Dreams often link to the previous day as its our first chance to think over these events.

The formula one car is an obvious symbol of status and fast moving and fast living people. The dreamer felt more of a high flyer because of this. He was aware that this was a little corny but it did slightly change his perceptions about himself.

Symbolic Meanings
FORMULA ONE : "The dreamer was thinking how his new phone meant an increase in status - he was now more of a high flyer"
PHONE : "A literal symbol - the dreamer had just got a phone the day before"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - " I got my first ever mobile phone yesterday. I know its a bit corny but I did feel more of a high flyer today because of it "

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