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Feeling sad and partners ex - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I have had two swimming pool dreams over the past 3 days. The first one I had included some friends of mine and I was asking them if they have seen my partner anywhere and they no. I looked and looked for her. I came across her and her ex partner in a swimming pool together just talking and when I saw them I think I walked away and then I woke up. I remember feeling speechless. My second dream included my partner, her ex partner, and I all swimming together and I felt like I wanted to get along with her ex partner but I remember thinking to myself that it was very weird to be swimming with them and that this really Isn't OK. We were in a swimming pool but then it appeared to change into an ocean or a lake. I have been really sad because of this and it is taking a toll on me. I have had so many weird dreams I feel like they make me very tired.

THE REALITY The dreamer was currently moving out of her partners home after living together for three years. Recently the dreamers partner saw her ex to help clear up some bad feelings. They did not end their relationship appropriately. They not only sorted out differences but became close again. The dreamer was then told that the relationship was stagnant and going nowhere. They tried to make it work yet the relationship was still failing.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are often about big events in our lives. Relationships are a major cause of dreams. So if a relationship is on the verge of breakdown then its likely to trigger many dreams.

If we work on the assumption that dreams link to our emotions then its possible to work backwards and see what particular symbols mean in our dreams. After all dreams link often to the day before. So we look at how our emotions have been changing. New trends in our emotions are portrayed symbolically.

In the first dream the dreamer is looking for her partner yet failing to find her. That symbolizes how she was looking for her partner ion real life and attempting to communicate emotionally with her. The fact that she was not finding her was showing how her partner was emotionally in a different place. She was speechless in the dream showing her own surprise at the outcome of events.

The dream felt weird during the dream and it was as if she was intruding. This probably symbolizes how accommodating she had been. Was was trying to go along with them. She had understood her partners need to talk over matters. Yet now this whole process had moved to a new level. She now felt as if the relationship was over. That is why she felt as if she was intruding and that this was weird. The exact emotions were portrayed but symbolically.

Symbolic Meanings
FRIENDS : "Trying to find your own ideal situation"
OCEAN : " The relationship as a whole"
SWIMMING : " making a real emotional effort"
SWIMMING POOL: " Emotional effort devoted one specific issue"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have tried to be understanding with my partner and her ex. I now feel as if she has already moved on. I should just accept this and move out. ".

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

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