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Attractive older man - dream interpretation

On a continuous basis we ask ourselves quetions like "should I play it safe?" or should I take a risk. This dream addresses those specific questions.

THE DREAM I was at some place with people around me. I remember being dressed up, we were supposed to meet up at a car or maybe some place else. I went somewhere with my brother, it was like a water park with a slide, but it was divided in half. My brother went on the one side, and I went on the other there were tons of people around.

Then, I was talking to my brother from the middle of the bottom little pool part (more like a bottom surface with just a little water, that was about a foot deep) and there was this guy behind me who started talking to me. He was maybe 15-20 years older than me, he had short blonde hair and I found him attractive. I somehow knew him, I don't know how, it Isn't someone I know in real life. Besides, I don't know why I found him attractive. He wanted me to go somewhere with him and I wanted to but that's all I can remember. There were inflatable rafts that my brother was helping get organized in their big bin and helping the lifeguard hand to the people

THE REALITY The dreamer was intent on moving out of state away from her family. The dreamer was toying with two ideas one which involved a great deal more risk.

DREAM INTERPRETATION In the dream there is one good strong clue. The older man symbolises two things. Firstly the older part symbolises maturity. The dreamer is drawn to him so the dream involves some thought process which involves the need for maturity. She is attracted to him because a mature course of action is currently attractive to her. Also the fact that he is a man is also symbolic. It symbolises the male emotions that he represents such as determination and eagerness.

That was relevant in the dreamers life. She did have a sense of determination which was fuelling her activity. She was currently thinking of moving inter state and so away form her family. That is not the crux of the dream though. The dream was not about if she was moving away but the manner in which that was achieved. The dreamer was considering two pathways. The easier path was the path her brother was taking and the harder path was where she was going with the man who she was attracted to but also slightly scared her. So the dream has captured emotions. In this case a belief that one route was safer and another route more risky(yet also appealing).

Dreams will capture these emotions in our lives. They will link to reality in strange ways but it does seem to work. Many people would not be convinced by such abstract symbolism. However, if you were to take it the other way and you had to design a dream that was expressing such feelings then you would probably come up with something similar to this.

The dream captures all the essentials - such as the emotional appeal of a risky course. It also graphically depicts the movement away from her family as she separates from them in the dream.

Such battles within our minds are quite abstract yet such thought processes can be traced in minute detail. The dream may even capture the setting in which the dreamer was thinking through these thoughts. The water park symbolises relaxed contemplation. Thoughts that you are playing with within your mind.

Symbolic Meanings
ATTRACTIVE : "something that is attractive and appealing - which is the most appealing way to achieve her aims"
CUSHION : "cushion the pain - a safer and more cautious approach to her move"
DANGEROUS : "involving great risk"
LIFEGUARD : "trying to prevent major emotional upheavals - the dreamer is wondering to take a more safer emotional path towards her future"
POOL : "your close personal emotions - the dreamer is thinking about her own emotions in relation to her move inter state"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been playing around with ideas in my head about my future. I have got a clear picture about what I want to achieve. But I am wondering if I should take a safe and cautious approach or a more bolder strategy".

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