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Dream - emperor chased by his victims

This dreamer was an emperor in real life and he was taking life on an almost daily basis. His dream explores the risks involved in ruling a country and his paranoia as he could trust no one

THE DREAM I am chased by death. My dreams feature death. I am being chased by spirits of people I have killed

THE REALITY These nightmares were those of the first Emperor of China whose wars to unite China killed many. He had to resist attempts to assassinate him. His own mother was involved in plots against him for which she was exiled.

THE INTERPRETATION The Emperor of China felt himself that these dreams were linked to the spirits of the people whom he killed to secure his own rule. He therefore built a palace with ten thousand clay soldiers in to guard him against the enemies in the after life(the Terra-cotta army).

In reality those dreams probably link to his intense fears. He knew he had to be ruthless. But in being ruthless he created new enemies. He lived by the sword. He quickly defeated his enemies and united the whole of China. But his main fears would always be the internal coups. He knew he created enemies and had to execute anyone whom was becoming to powerful and who could mount a challenge from inside. He had to exile his own mother and father because of plots. He feared not so much the sword of his enemy but the stab in the back from people he trusted.

Symbolic Meanings
DEATH : "the dreamer faces death himself because of plots"
DEATH : "the dreamer has to kill to stay alive and has done so very ruthlessly"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "As the emperor of China there are many people who would like to kill me. In some ways I am forced to be ruthless even though it is against my nature to be so absolutely cruel. I have to do as even members of my own family including my mother are plotting against me"

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