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Fire extinguisher and suicide dream

THE DREAM I'm in a small, wooden planked, dimly lit room with a friend of mine. There is a small square window on the wall opposite me. In the middle of the room there sits a fire extinguisher. There is no fire, for some reason I know I must use it. But before I used it, I need to add a chemical inside the extinguisher. Then I use it, but it shows no sign of being used. The only way I can tell that I did anything was by how dizzy I was getting and by how strange the room began to look. Then I open the door so my friend and I can get out of the fume filled room and I gain the knowledge that people use the same chemical I used in fire extinguishers in order to commit suicide. I was shocked at this information. And then I moved on.

THE REALITY The night the dreamer had this dream she had a fight with her boyfriend. She subconsciously feared that he might leave her. She thought afterwards that she was being a bit "dizzy" and silly. That she had accused him of using her. These are all things that she regretted and realised that she was not seeing things clearly.

THE INTERPRETATION Suicide in dream can generally be quite disturbing. But often dream will use a symbol in a milder form. Here the symbol captures the same emotions of suicide in that you are so exasperated that you feel the need to give up. Here that captures the dreamers worries about her boyfriend. The chemicals are a symbol of reaction. So the dreamer fears that her boyfriend will react in a way to the fight and just give up. Placing those symbols together it captures her essential feelings about this in that she feared he would "react" by "giving up" on the relationship.

The dizziness maybe symbolise her own lack of clarity of thinking when she was arguing with her boyfriend. That she was literally being silly and acting in a dizzy fashion.

The dream also seems to concentrate quite a lot on the words "BEING USED". Maybe that symbolises one theme of the argument. She was "being used". dream will occasionally use little strange metaphors like that.

The other symbols are not so easy. Maybe the fumes stand for anger - fuming. They could also stand for a bad atmosphere that has been created.

Symbolic Meanings
CHEMICAL : "the dreamer fears a reaction"
DIZZY : "the dreamer recognises she was behaving in a silly and dizzy fashion - she could not see things clearly"
FUMES : "a bad atmosphere has been created"
SUICIDE : "just totally give up on the relationship"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have just had a fight with my boyfriend but now I just worry if he will react to what I said. I just hope I do not lose him. I said some stupid things like I was being used but that's not true."

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