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Dream - girlfriend in Antarctica

THE DREAM - I dreamt I was in Antarctica with my ex girlfriend. I was in a house and was afraid to go outside. My ex kept insisting that should go outside but I couldn't because I felt nauseous. I was scared of being at the bottom of the world and falling off (sorry gravity!). There was another girl and we talked to her and I remember desperately wanting to leave Antarctica. There was a plane outside so I finally decided, OK time to board. But then, the plane would not work and the nausea continued until I woke up.

The second dream, I was communicating with my ex through a computer screen and she was taking a trip to Antarctica for several months. I just wished her luck and still got a slight feeling of nausea from the whole bottom of the world fear(once again, sorry gravity!) throughout her adventures she showed me she was having so much fun and showed me the landscapes of Antarctica from her first landing to the end.

THE REALITY The dreamer thought of his ex all the time. He wanted to win her back. They had been together for over three years. She now wanted to be "just friends." His ex was very outgoing who loved roller-coasters, bungee jumping and thrill seeking.

THE INTERPRETATION If you know the dream links to a certain subject then you can guess it's meaning. Here the dream features the dreamers ex as the main character and so it seems that it is about his feelings towards his ex girlfriend. In real life he wanted to get back together. How could this dream capture those thoughts?

Antarctica could be a symbol for his own unhappiness, the surroundings are cold and bleak, an excellent symbol for being unhappy.

Notice how his ex is in Antarctica and she is coping in a completely opposite way. She is enjoying herself like it's an adventure. It is likely that Antarctica is a symbol for how he expects his ex to be, just like him, unhappy in this cold and bleak environment. However, she is enjoying herself. That hints at a thought like "I keep thinking that she will be suffering due to the break up like I am. But in reality she is doing perfectly well. She is happy."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I need to move on. I keep thinking she is in despair like me, but actually she is getting on with life without a second thought."

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