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Dream - daughter raped and tortured

THE DREAM - I had a dream where my daughter and sister were being tortured and raped.

THE REALITY The dreamer was hating the world and was starting to have huge doubts about there being a god.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams can often link to your thoughts. The dreamer had been dwelling on all the evil in the world and was starting to doubt the existence of God. This dream did disturb the dreamer because she was worrying that the dream might be a premonition about something bad about to happen to her daughter. But the dream perfectly expresses this feeling "I am very pessimistic about the world I live in. I am starting to think how bad things can happen for no reason."

People tend to think that they are protected. They often think how some higher force safeguards them from trouble. When you start thinking that this is not the case then a dream like this merely plays out that pessimism about the world we live in.

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