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Cymbals dream

THE DREAM The dream started off (as far as I can remember) in the room of the guitarist of my band. (he is a border at school) We were comparing old and new cymbals (I had just bought some new cymbals) when the mounting mechanism broke. The cymbal didn't fall off as I caught it, but I said we had to leave it to go and play live. When I left he was still trying to fix it.

When I left his room, I found myself in a cantine. I recognised it as the cantine in my old school, from about 8 years ago! I sat down at the table and already there was Paolo (Italian guy from my school) in front of me, Fred (from my old school) next to him, and Laura was on my left. The thing I noticed straight away was that her face was fairly covered in purple make up and she was wearing purple lipstick. (perhaps this should've told me that it was a dream, but I didn't know lucid signs etc. then) Laura was eating pasta (spaghetti I think) which had a bright pink sauce on top. There was the (then) customary awkwardness, and for some reason I said "Well, you're looking very purply today," and she laughed, leant forward, and we kissed. It was strange in that she started it and not me. Anyhow, it raised my spirits and from then on (both in the dream and real life) there was no awkwardness between the two of us.

After that, we all got up from the table and went off to the variety show. (annual thing at our school) We went outside and onto a road, which felt like the road of my old town, Uttoxeter. (I can visualise the street) I remember that my knee hurt and I was hobbling a bit, which in the dream I put down to "doing it in playing badminton last week." (I used to be a heavy badminton player and I have injured my knee on numerous occasions as a result) I remember Paolo and Fred didn't notice and walked off out of sight, but Laura stayed back and walked with me. I remember reaching a set of double traffic lights where we had to cross twice, and I crossed over even though the light was red. (I put this down to the "French traffic lights"; on my street, when the pedestrian light is red for at least half a minute before the cars can go) I waited for Laura to cross, and we went into the venue. From the outside, it looked like an English pub, but I didn't recognise it from anywhere. (just a stereotypical English pub)

When we got into the foyer there were a lot of old people trying to get into the show. There were 3 levels in the place, linked by one staircase that everyone was stuck on. I remember that myself and Laura went to the top floor so as to get a good place, but we were turned away as it "was only for performers." (incidentally, this happened a couple of weeks before when I went to watch a Pink Floyd tribute band, and we tried to get a top-floor seat) We went to the middle floor, and there were no longer any old people, but I saw a book with stage directions for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (ashamedly, I had watched the DVD a few nights before), but it was written in my mum's handwriting. (I live with my Dad but I saw my mum when I went back to England a couple of weeks before) We went into the auditorium, and it was exactly like the auditorium that I had visited a couple of weeks ago to watch a Pink Floyd tribute band. We found places at the back, and Laura sat on my left. I remember Fred sitting in front of us. I remember Laura gazing into my eyes and falling asleep in my arms, and then I woke up.

BACKGROUND Just before going to sleep the dreamer was listening to this Pink Floyd song.
Pink Floyd - Poles Apart Did you know . . . it was all going to go so wrong for you?
And did you see . . . it was all going to be so right for me?
Why did we tell you that, You were always the golden boy,
And that you'd never lose that light in your eyes.

Hey you . . . did you realise what you'd become?
And did you see that it wasn't only me . . . you were running from?
Did you know all the time but it,
Never bothered you anyway,
Leading the blind while I stared out the steel in your eyes.

The rain fell slow, down on all the roofs of uncertainty
I thought of you and the years and all the sadness fell away from me
And did you know...
I never thought that you'd lose the light in your eyes

THE REALITY The dreamer had been in love with this girl in the dream(Laura) for about two years. He had asked her to a Prom at the end of the first year and she said yes. But later she called it off because he had found out he had asked out another girl(but really that was months before). The Prom got called off and nothing came of it. Just recently the dreamer had started talking to this girl again. At the time of the dream the dreamer is even deeper in love with her.

DREAM ANALYSIS There is one very good and reliable symbol in this dream. Harry Potter usually captures a very specific and easily identifiable emotion. He captures that moment when you really wish that all difficulties could be overcome and some magical wish could come true. That is quite true in this case as the girl in the dreams is literally the girl of his dreams. He came so close to going out on a date yet the reasons for the date falling through the dreamer could never truly understand. He had been called insincere because he had asked someone else out but that had been months before.

Its very probable that the dream links to the music he was listening to before going to bed and that the dream captures the mood he was in then. The dreamer was listening to a Pink Floyd song and the lyrics seem to link to some emotions he was feeling.

What about the other symbols though? The Harry Potter definitely links to a fantasy world which the dreamer wishes would become real. The other symbols should help to build up some complex emotions.

Perhaps the make up in the dream symbolises a wish that Laura would magically make up with him. It is difficult to say. Schools tend to link to lessons that we are learning. The traffic lights are probably symbols of his own thoughts and as he goes through Red lights it maybe symbolises the traffic in his mind.

Old people tend to link to the passage of time. Dreams have few symbols to express the passage of time. In this case the old people symbolise the dreamers fears about time passing and that he has little time left before university to get a relationship started.

The Pink Floyd tribute band is difficult to decipher accurately. It perhaps symbolises a replay of the Prom situation. But its in one sense symbolic of something very special. Its shows perhaps the strong feelings he has for her. Perhaps the need for a good view symbolises his own mood at that moment. He is watching in the dream his own mood and love for Laura. Its difficult to understand accurately. Perhaps the auditorium symbolises his own wish to make his feelings for Laura known.

But overall we have a meaning to the dream. the dream symbolises magic and the wish for your dreams to come true. Harry Potter is a most reliable symbol. In this case you do not have to go further. It would be nice to understand the dream totally. But we understand the main message. Dreams capture our emotions and here they definitely capture the most important feeling that his love for Laura is growing and time is passing by. He must make his feelings known but finds it difficult to think of a way. There seem many obstacles in the way but he just wishes that his fantasies could become reality.

Symbolic Meanings
HARRY POTTER : "A world in which your magical desires can come instantly true"
OLD PEOPLE : "the passage of time - he needs to realise that the year will be ending soon and he will move on to University"
PINK FLOYD : "the dreamers feelings are captured perfectly by the music he listened to before falling asleep"
TRAFFIC LIGHTS : "The dreamer recognises that there are signals in real life hinting that he should stop "

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