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Dream - running away from a man

THE DREAM - I am running trying to help a lady and her kids escape from some guy who's not nice...basically we spent the whole dream finding ways to duck and dodge this guy and his crazy friends(we hid on top of mountains,in houses,on farms) and no matter how far we ran or how good we hid.they always find us but never captured us.because we would get away.

THE REALITY just prior to this dream the dreamer had a terrible nightmare about a man smirking at her whilst looking through a window. This was a very creepy dream which freaked the dreamer out. This scary dream seems to have triggered this second dream.

THE INTERPRETATION We dream about the things which have been on our minds. In this case the dreamer had just had a very creepy dream. We occasionally have scary dreams. It could be that a dream has a perfectly rational explanation. If you knew the true cause of a nightmare then you might be rather bored. If you do not understand a creepy dream then you will lie awake wondering what caused it.

This dream seems to have be a direct result of the first dream. dreams capture our emotions and this dreamer was wanting to "run for the hills" and that's what she does to escape the man in the dream.

Notice how this man always seems to be there. No matter how far she runs and how well she dodges him he is still there. That again captures a specific emotion. In having her scary dream she is scared of the man in the first dream. She wants to get away from him but he is in a dream. She has woken up and is constantly thinking about this creepy man. But where is he? What does he represent? She is running away but does not know what she is wanting to run from.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "just prior to this dream I had a nightmare which really freaked me. It made me want to run for the hills which is what I did in the dream."

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