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Dream about guillotine

THE DREAM This was a dream of the French psychologist Maury. "I was ill and lying in my bed at home with his mother sitting beside him. He dreamed that it was the time of the French revolution by and he witnessed a number of frightful scenes of murder. Then he himself was hauled before the revolutionary tribunal. He knew who they were, so he must have been reading about that period in history or be knowledgeable about it. He saw Robespierre, Marat, Fouquier-Tinville and many other important revolutionaries. He was questioned by them and found himself condemned to death. Next he found himself on the scaffold surrounded a huge crowd and was tied to a piece of wood and fed into the guillotine which chopped off his head."

THE REALITY The dreamer woke up as the headboard hit him on the exact same place on the neck.

THE INTERPRETATION Whilst we sleep we must monitor what is happening around us. This dream seems to suggest that the dream mind immediately came up with the metaphor of a guillotine for the head board falling on the dreamers neck.

Symbolic Meanings
GUILLOTINE : "The guillotine represented the pain as the headboard fell on the dreamer in the same place "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I woke up in extreme pain as the headboard hit me on the neck"

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