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Dream symbolism- smoking marijuana

In this dream the dreamer strips naked revealing everything. Perhaps this was a symbol for her opening up emotionally with her boyfriend - leaving herself metaphorically naked.

THE DREAM An officer asked me to strip for a police party, while he should have been arresting me. I said maybe later, with no real intention of doing it. I saw a guy smoking marijuana from a huge coconut. I went into an older cripple man's house and smoked with him ( I haven't smoked in a long time). I had to leave him, but I felt bad because he was so lonely and nice and I knew everyone was using him. I was worried about my fiancé' finding out, so I had to leave. I had been there before, so I knew my way around. The coconut was so big, and it had a huge joint in it.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just opened up to her fiancé and told him exactly how she felt about him. She was not usually one for showing her deep feelings.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Dreams capture our emotions but in symbolic form. Here the stripping is a strong symbol and since the dreamer had just been revealing her true(naked) feelings to her fiancé then its fair to assume that the dream links to this. That's especially the case as the dream features her fiancé. Stripping links to moments when we show our true emotions.

What else can the dream show? Well its not an easy dream to understand symbolically but we can pick up a sense of awkwardness and even a strong sense of guilt. That links to the dreamers feelings in reality as she did feel awkward revealing her true feelings. Normally its her fiancée that is the one to get emotional.

Perhaps the other symbols build up this picture of how the dreamer thinks. The police could symbolise how she feels as if revealing her true feelings is somehow against some rules that she has about relationships(her own rules about what is the right way to behave). Its a police party so any rules that she does have will not be enforced as vigorously as the police are off their guard. The drugs could symbolise how this sharing of emotions is very new to the dreamer. Its almost like its a whole different reality.

Symbolic Meanings
DRUGS : "sharing feelings is a while new world for the dreamer"
GUILT : "the dreamers sense of guilt and awkwardness showing her true feelings"
POLICE : "the dreamers own unwritten rules about what is the right way to behave in relationships"
POLICE PARTY : "the dreamer is off guard and less likely to enforce her own rules"
STRIPPING : "revealing your own true feelings"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was talking to my fiancé and said something I should not about my ex. I do not like talking about feelings and it opened the floodgates. My fiancé wanted to have an open and honest discussion"

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