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Dream - ghost

THE DREAM - I appear to be seeing ghosts. They are both female. I can actually see them - they appear very vividly. Later I am leaving my home to go to my friends home at 7 in the morning. I am thinking I should get my keys copied just in case I lose my keys.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just cut himself off from a group of friends. He was now badly missing them. He had virtually treated their home as his second home. The day before the dream he had walked past their home and actually seen them through the window. He was welcome at any time. It was a big shock to lose their friendship. Another friend was also due to leave soon and during that time he was due to look after his house. The dreamer was looking forward to this. The previous day he had seen this friend. For one moment he thought that even if his friend fell out with him he could still use his house because he already had the key. This was an unusual thing for him to think.

THE INTERPRETATION A ghost can have several symbolic meanings. One revolves around something that has just ended. If you are missing someone who you are no longer friends with then they are still in a way there but of course not there - just like a ghost. This dreamer was missing these friends and this was clearly so on the day of the dream. If you are clearly thinking about someone all the time then that can result in a ghost dream - especially if you have cut them off.

The second part of the dream seemed to link to something that had happened the day before. The dreamer would soon be looking after a friends house whilst he was away for some time. He was looking forward to this. The day before a strange thought entered his mind. He thought that he could even use his friends house while he was away even if he changed his mind about him looking after it. He just had to hold onto the key. This type of thought was very unlike the dreamer. It was a little strange and possibly hints at the dreams meaning. The loss of his other set of friends obviously had a big impact on him in real life and the dream notes how this was resulting in him thinking in some odd ways. This showed he was feeling insecure about the world - which was caused by the fall out with the other friends.

Overall the dream captures this exact feeling - "I am really missing my old friends. I walked past the house yesterday and actually saw them. Its a big loss to me. I am also starting to think some odd thoughts as a result. Yesterday I was thinking how I could still use my other friends house while he was away even if he does not ask me to because I have the key".

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