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Great skill and ability dream

THE DREAM I am in Newcastle. There seems some connection to a car park. I seem to be able to turn quickly on a car park. In the dream that parking is associated with great skill and ability to do things quickly. It seems to be Christmas and my mother is handing out luxury chocolates in the distinctive way she used to - one each and everyone gets a totally equal amount.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just finished a work project and was not one for sitting around doing nothing. He did not like the enforced idleness. He preferred to get involved and interested in something.

DREAM ANALYSIS If a town or city which begins with "NEW" is in a dream that often indicates it is symbolic of some new mood within the dreamer. Its usually a very easy dream to solve. You just trace the dream back to that feeling of something new in your life. In this case the dreamer did sense a new mood in his life. He had just finished a long work project and was finding lots of free time at work. This was not a happy situation for the dreamer who was most happiest when he had something to get his teeth stuck into.

Parking is also a good symbol here as parking often links to moments when you are trying to find a new comfortable situation. That was certainly the case here.

The most difficult symbol to understand is Christmas here. In this dream the dreamer admitted that the main problem at hand was his feeling of unease. The day before he had a lot of free time on his hands due to the finish of a major work project. But he was not able to enjoy the luxury of free time and actually enjoyed work.

Symbolic Meanings
CHOCOLATES : "enjoyment and leisure"
CHRISTMAS : "having free time and a break"
NEWCASTLE : "a new feeling and mood in the dreamer - the dreamer was feeling as if some new situation and mood had taken over"
PARKING : "finding a new comfortable situation"

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