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Little girl dream and a tornado - dream analysis

THE DREAM I am looking at the sky and see a tornado forming, then another, then another, mean while I am running dodging these tornadoes and trying to avoid them, then I am heading to this home, which somehow I know this place, and I run up the stairs into the home, and run into the basement to try and find shelter from the tornado's, then all of a sudden there is a little girl with me in the basement, and I tell her to grab hold of the pole as tight as she can, then the heavy winds start tearing the floor and I grab the little girl and place her between me and the pole to protect her from flying off into the air, and I look up and the tornadoes are surrounding the home, there is at least five or more tornadoes, and I hold on even more and start praying the lords prayer, and I wake up.

THE REALITY The dreamer life was going through a lot of changes. She was leaving home to be on her own. She was a bit scared and uncertain about her future and was feeling insecure about being on her own. She had this fear of failing and ending up back home.

DREAM ANALYSIS Tornadoes can often link to changes taking place within our lives and to stress generally. In this case the source of the changes and stress is surely linked to moving away from home for the first time.

The little girl probably symbolises her own fears of being seen like a little girl who cannot cope with living independently.

Basements often link to negative feelings so its possible that the dream links to her negative feelings and touchiness about failing.

Symbolic Meanings
BASEMENTS : "negative feelings - the dreamer is sensitive about failing"
LITTLE GIRL : "The dreamer desperately wants to succeed in living on her own and does not want to be seen as a little girl lost who cannot cope"
TORNADO : "changes in our lives - the dreamer coping with the stress of living on her own and her fears that she may fail and end up back home"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am going to live on my own for the first time. I would really hate to have to go back home like a little girl who could not cope on her own."

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