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Sears Tower dream

THE DREAM - In the dream I was with my aunt, Mom, and grandmother, the three most important women in my life. We were shopping in a store next to the Sears Tower (no idea why we were here??). All of a sudden, the weather got really bad and the wind began to blow. We were then in a basement type room. My grandmother was holding on to a table so that she would not get sucked out of the door. The wind pulled two strangers out of the door that were also in the room. We pulled my grandmother into the corner with us and we were holding on to one another. I could see from a tiny basement window that the wind was blowing and objects such as cars were flying by. Initially, I felt safe knowing that the room would hold up and we would be safe. However, all of a sudden the lights went out and the room began to flip. I could tell we were moving because of the scenery in the window and it felt as though we were flipping. I could hear metal grinding and I became very very scared. I then woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer was moving to a new state in 44 days. She was excited about the move because it put us closer to her family. She was also thinking of a trip to Europe that summer with only one of the ladies, her aunt, in the dream. She was extremely nervous about an eight hour plane ride.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am so excited to be moving nearer towards my family. I keep thinking how perfect things will be. Yet perhaps I need to "

DREAM ANALYSIS The majority of dreams should interpret into some real thought within your current mindset. Here its perhaps possible to gauge what the dream means. The dreamer described herself as feeling excited about a life changing move to a new state. This move in the very near future was surely a subject that will be triggering lots of dreams.

Dreams show the direction of our current thinking. But they also make judgements about how life is going. This dream perhaps was perhaps acting as a balance. In real life she was extremely excited and looking forward. Yet her mind is perhaps seeing the downside to her move. She was moving to a new life, losing the majority of her friends and neighbours. Yes she was moving closer to her family but a great deal was being sacrificed.

The dream starts off with three people whom are described as the most important people in her life. Its noticeable that the dream balances this with two complete strangers. The dream then is in reality symbolic of her own situation. The important people in her life clearly link to the excitement about coming closer to those very same family members. The strangers and subsequent problems symbolize the other changes that will take place - a new life and the need to make new friends in a largely strange environment.

The dreamer also mentioned a aeroplane journey that she had been thinking about. Some parts of the dreamer seem to capture her feelings of anxiety about this. Yet the dream does not mention aeroplanes in any way. So its more likely the dream links to the dreamers move to a new state. Dreams only tend to link to one issue. You can never truly tell a meaning of a dream. You can only really guess.

Symbolic Meanings
BASEMENT : "Basements often link to hidden feelings - negative feelings"
EXCITMENT : "Excitement about moving"
SAFE : "The dreamer has been feeling secure about her move. Yet was aware of the major change and problems in such a major change. "
STRANGERS : "The problems of moving to a new home and having to give up a settled job and home neighbourhood"
SEARS TOWER : "Sears is probably a word play. Standing for SEE US. The excitement about SEEING her family "
FAMILY : "The excitement about moving state closer to her family"

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