An execution and forced march dream interpretation

THE DREAM - I was walking along a long road. It was a forced march(Maybe there was some other soldiers or people around me). At the end there would be an execution.

THE REALITY The dream was currently working night and day on a work project. He felt absolutely exhausted.

THE INTERPRETATION dream often symbolise our immediate feelings. There is no doubts that this dream captures the dreamers immediate thoughts. He felt exhausted and was having to push himself to meet the deadline for this work project.

If someone is waiting for an execution their wait is painful and tortuous. That pretty much symbolises the dreamers feelings here. But executions can often be symbols for a deadline that is looming in the dreamers mind.

Symbolic Meanings
FORCED MARCH: "the dreamer was forcing himself to get his work done both night and day"
EXECUTION : "often executions can link to a deadline "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been working night and day on my work. Its giving me a headache. I cannot see an end to this and currently my eyes are tired and I feel exhausted."

See how the symbolic meanings form together into a thought about the dreamers work and state of mind

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