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Car crashed into river while crossing a bridge

DREAM - Car crashed into river while crossing a bridge I was driving my car travelling with some colleagues at work. We got to a bridge and I was very scared to cross the bridge. I sum up courage to attempt to cross the bridge but the car crashed into the river below. None of us was injured but the car was damaged.

This dream was posted on on the September 14, 2012, 18:05 by Toyin. It was viewed 4 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:Trouble in my place of work. I was afraid of loosing my job. I heard a rumor that there is a plan to retire me very soon at age 48.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well your dreams do not so much reflect the facts of your life they rather tap into your emotions right now. Often 'bridge' dreams link to crucial moments and decisions in your life.

The crucial symbol here is the need for courage. It is probably just a dream about your anxiety at the moment and need for courage next time you go into work. You probably feel judged by others and having to prove yourself.

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