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Hip replacement and injection dream symbolism

You can never truly tell what the cause of a dream is. You could argue that this dream was triggered by concerns about her pregnancy. You could argue it was a premonition of a miscarriage which later did occur.

THE DREAM I dreamt I could partially hear doctors and nurses performing surgery on me - a double hip replacement. They injected some medication into my arm, and before I could drift You could argue that into sleep, I said "wait, I'm pregnant!" They quickly tried to reverse the medication (in my mind) but then I woke up and I had two new hips and I was in a lot of pain.

THE REALITY In real life the dreamer was pregnant but having some concerns. Later on the dreamer really did have a miscarriage.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Many dream simply reflect real life and concerns about little problems. Later on the dreamer did have a miscarriage. Maybe this dream was a premonition of that. However, its more likely that this dream reflected the pain that the dreamer felt on waking up. The dream would have been about that pain and the worry that this could link to something more serious. Pregnant women are notorious for having bad dream about the pregnancy but many go on to have perfectly healthy babies.

Maybe the issue concerning medication linked to the dreamers wish for a pain killer but then a realization that she was pregnant and that this may not be a good idea. The surgery maybe links to a feeling that something deep inside her was wrong. Surgery links to the insides. In life we are our own doctor. We judge what is wrong with us and its only if something is serious that real doctors take over.

Symbolic Meanings
DOCTOR : "understand your own medical problems - in this case the dreamer is assessing her own pregnancy and is worried about the pain she has been getting"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am pregnant. But I have been getting pain and I just wonder if their are going to be problems and I shall lose the baby"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into the dreamers health

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