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Dream - creepy invisible demon

THE DREAM This dream took place on the road I live on, which is semi-farm territory. There is some nice houses amongst fields and pastures. I was walking down the road on a warm night. I stopped at a gate that lead to a cattle pasture. I always felt a creepy feeling when walking past there. In this dream, a demon appeared-it was partially invisible it had a shape a little like the aliens on the movie Signs I could see it's basic outline. It walked up to me when I came to the gate and told me it's name was Galangal(is also a name of some kind of plant). Then I woke. It wasn't threatening, but it thought I needed to know it's name, and was a little freaked. (Some estranged family members live down that path in the dream. One is actually insane.)

THE REALITY The dreamer has always tried to teach her sons to grow up to hold the values that she holds. However, recently she has started to worry that they are getting in with the wrong crowd.

THE INTERPRETATION The best way to understand this dream is to know what the demon is. Demons in dreams are usually a good starting point. They are rather unseen and usually represent some fear that is lurking in the back of our minds. One fear the dreamer mentioned was about her sons - she feared they were getting in with the wrong crowd.

The dream features a farm. Often farms can link with our own moral side. Plants take a long time to grow. Plants can link to friendships and family relationships that have real meaning. They link to strong moral standards perhaps that we really believe in. Farms are public areas so can maybe link to other people. They are not plants merely for our own benefit. So we are trying to grow something within others perhaps. In this case it would link nicely with the issue already mentioned. The dream has always tried to bring up her sons to have correct morals.

The area in the dream links to a particular side of the dreamers family. That side is estranged. The dream is not about them in any way. Its using them as a symbol. The dreamer fears that her sons will become estranged in the same way. That they will take this particular road.

Symbolic Meanings
ALIEN : "ways of behavior that are alien to you - her sons are picking up bad habits from some alien source"
DEMON : "almost possessed by some fear"
PLANT : "new growth - new ideas and ways of behavior are being encouraged in a systematic way"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My young sons are picking up some bad habits. I think they are coming under some bad influence"

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