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Woke up screaming and crying. help!

Try to see how this dream links to some recent thoughts concerning the dreamers boyfriend. Since the dream featured drugs it could be about her opinion about his drug taking.

THE DREAM It started off as me skating on ice skates down the street, then soon after that I was at my ex boyfriends grandmothers house, I don't remember how I got there. I was holding a notebook in my hand gripping it really tight..everyone was talking and laughing, then I asked where he was buried, out of no where, I didn't even know that he died until then. They told me he was buried at the school park right beside his house, I walked there and it was a maze. Pretty much to get to where he was buried. I got to where he was and there were flowers everywhere, like a memorial..there were papers with notes to him, candles, his favourite things. I was writing notes apologizing because I didn't save him and I didn't stop him, telling him I lived him and I never thought this would happen, I was also writing Noah loves you on everything which is our sons name..everyone told me it was a crack/ cocaine overdose in my dream which he does in real life.. I was banging on the ground screaming and two of our friends carried me away, then my mother woke me up, because I said 'oh my god' then I started screaming and crying and when I woke up I was still crying, the dream was so real, I remember every detail, the colour of everything, the noises. Even as I'm writing this I'm still in tears..please someone explain.. P.s sorry for spelling I'm on an a droid touch phone and in a hurry to get a response LOL

BACKGROUND INFORMATION We've been together on and off for a year, hes cheated a lot in the past, but I stayed with him. He's 18 I'm 16, our son is 2 months old, he started smoking crack/cocaine in September of 2011.

Posted at February 26, 2012, 10:07 by jillianfleury

Unclesirbobby (POSTED February 26, 2012, 14: 7: 14)
Well this bit stands out to me

"I was writing notes apologizing because I didn't save him and I didn't stop him"

Maybe this has relevance to his drug taking. It could capture a realisation that this is very dangerous

Most dreams simply tell you how you feel. If he dies it may link to worries that the relationship could end... if he has cheating on you then that could be the dreams meaning. If the relationship ends then in effect he has died ... you will never see him again... the relationship has died... that's sometimes a meaning of death dreams... that you start to realise that the relationship could end....

There are some ideas... you could be worrying that the relationship COULD end or that you are worried about his drug taking

Iceberg rose (POSTED February 26, 2012, 19: 7: 16)
I often find dreams present our personal reality in a way that includes our emotions and our strengths. Your dream opens showing your strengths and skills at skating on ice. You are equipped to do so as you are wearing ice skates.

The other skill you have is an ability to take note of what is really happening - you grip you notebook strongly. So you are willing to try and identify the truth.

Your insight is showing you what may be a literal and potential future you may face with the death of your boyfriend. If he is using drugs his death is a probable event. Given he is unfaithful in your relationship in your report it is likely your relationship with him will end.

The tears you expressed are your emotional response to the realities of life you are facing alone with your child. I can only imagine it is pretty daunting.

Your dream is showing you what you really think about your situation. You have taken note and you are in a good position to plan for the future you need to create for yourself and your child. It seems to me you will need your skates to travel over the icy road in front of you - you have the skills - you can do it.

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