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Premonition Dream - something thrown at house

THE DREAM I heard what seemed like something being thrown at the front of the house, this woke me up from a deep sleep.

THE REALITY The dreamer woke up and immediately went into her teenage son's bedroom. He was awake and had heard nothing. She could not believe that he had not heard anything as the house had seemed to shake. An hour later the dreamer was still awake and feeling very agitated. Again she heard the same noise, although this time there was a sound of breaking glass, I immediately got out of bed and put the hall light on.

The dreamer was sure that she was sent the first noise in a dream so that she was awake when the burglars tried to get into her house, which was averted due to me putting the light on.

THE INTERPRETATION The vast majority of premonitions come true very very quickly and usually on the actual day of the dream. This dream seems to be linked directly the events that happened very soon afterwards.

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