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Tidal wave and running for safety - dream symbolism

THE DREAM We were in Miami (still me and my mom), when we got word that there was a massive Tsunami headed toward Miami . Everyone was scattering and running around. We went to a few different homes, where someone finally let us inside. We were watching the news and watching the radar track the movement of the wave. Finally it hit, we watched this HUGE wave come crashing into the whole shoreline. It actually scared the shit out of me in the dream! My mom and I made sure we had our life jackets on , and made sure we would survive! And we did.

At this point in the dream, the person I had been identifying as my mom, changes to my friends mother. Now me and my friends mother ran and hit the street, walking around looking for a safer place to stay. Still, very determined to survive and make it. I started to get the feeling that my friends mother (who is a cop and was in the military) wasn't planning on leaving any time soon, when all I wanted to do was go home. She wanted to stay in Miami for a few days and enjoy herself after all the drama was over! Then word came in another tidal wave is on it's way. For some reason both of us got on a train (which wouldn't make any sense cause there wouldn't be any electricity) , but we did, and then we got off. I felt a moving train was like , the most unsafe place to be. The second wave hit, and we once again survived. Every time I thought about my actual mom, I knew somehow she was safe up state with my dad.

Then the character of my friends mom, now transforms into Kendra Wilkinson from the girls-next-door on the E! Network. For some weird reason in the middle of this way, Kendra Wilkinson stops at the home of a famous rap group, and shows off her knowledge of they're musical talent, and status in the entertainment industry.

THE REALITY The dreamer is an actor and record producer. He had just completed an audition for a major role in a film. He was also contemplating moving to Los Angeles.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Dream interpreting is never easy. Dreams though tend to link to day to day events. If something major is happening in your mind you can trace it sometimes in your dreams. If you get conflict in real life then look for symbols expressing that conflict. Its as simple as that.

Sometimes a dream symbol may link to one of a number of different possible real life issues. Here a tidal wave could symbolize one of two things. The dreamer was waiting for news of an audition for a major role. A tidal wave could possibly symbolize some news awaiting. Auditions results are like tidal waves in that they can knock you off your feet and sweep you away(emotionally speaking).

The dream does feature the dreamers mother extensively. So in this case the dream maybe about the dreamers decision to move to Los Angeles. He is thinking through various consequences. If he went to Los Angeles then that would be like a tidal wave in his emotions. He would not have his mother around so much - he is very close to her.

This explanation seems to fit best. The mother figure transforms into someone else(his mothers friend). Therefore he is possibly thinking that things would not be so bad. He would still be in contact with his mother. He would also develop new relationships which would take the place of his mother on a day to day basis.

The later portion of the dream could link to the dreamers belief in himself. Kendra Wilkinson appears talking about music. This transformation could link to the transformation in opportunities that going to Los Angeles would bring.

Ultimately we can never truly tell what a dream means. If there are two competing explanations which both seem to fit then its difficult to tell which is truly right. There is no correct answer at the back of the book. Just possible ways in which reality fits the dream symbols.

Symbolic Meanings
TIDAL WAVE : "A tidal wave in your emotions. The possible effect emotionally of moving to LA. Away from close family."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am contemplating moving to Los Angeles. I am very close to my mom. If I move to LA then she will not be around. But I really do have to follow my dream. I am sure that when I move to LA there would be other people I could develop a close relationship with. "

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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