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Vampire, violent towards friends dream

DREAM - Vampire, violent towards friends I was a vampire, I don't know how I knew, but I did, and my friends and girlfriend were all running from me. My girlfriend was trying to get me to sit down and talk, but I wouldn't, and she started running too. I was chasing them, but they all managed to get away except my girlfriend. I grabbed her and bit her neck. I bit down on her neck for a second, and then she fell down, and stood up with red eyes, hugging me.

This dream was posted on on the November 20, 2011, 21:07 by Allcaps. It was viewed 78 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I was very worried about a new job I may take, which deals with crime and criminals, as a bail bondsman. It's a job that is usually safe, but has the potential to be very dangerous. I was very worried about what could happen if I take the job.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Dreams will usually be about things that are on our mind. If this dream is about what you mention then we need to look for some symbolism which seems relevant. If you are a vampire then no one wants to know you. They will run away from you. It may relate to your own feelings about being a bailsman. Perhaps you are worried that being a bailsman is an unpopular profession. That it encourages some attitudes in you that may seep into your general personality

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