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Dream - assessment by police and homeless officer

THE DREAM - I was at some sort of party. There were lots of police there. I am talking and friendly towards the police. Later on a lady who works at a homeless hostel is there. She is making an assessment of me.

THE REALITY The dreamer was starting to realise that he would have to start dealing with a health problem. Things were getting very serious and if they did not get dealt with soon then things would end up with the dreamer collapsing in public or just being unable to cope. The dreamer was also intensely phobic of socialising and meeting people in any situation.

There was one big issue looming in the dreamers mind. He knew that he would have to start dealing with a particular health issue or his life would descend into general chaos and disorder. The dream seems linked to this and the symbols are all very consistent with this.

The police generally can link to situations of disorder. But disorder in a general sense. That your life becomes chaotic and disordered. Its not really linked to disorder in the sense that laws are broken.

The lady who works at a homeless shelter was a strong symbol. The previous time that the dreamer met her she had been making an assessment of a homeless man who had let health problems get out of control. There was a clear link to the dreamers own life. He had let his health issues get out of control and if he did not start to deal with the situation and sort out the problems then he would be just like that homeless man. People would be intervening after the situation had got out of hand.

Symbolic Meanings
DRUNK: "I am worried that I am losing control of my senses because of this health problem"
DRUNK: "I worry that if I start trying to deal openly with this problem that I will lose control emotionally"
POLICE : "I know I have to start restoring order. The situation is getting out of hand with my health"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know that I really have to start coping with this health problem or I will end up collapsing in public or worse. I also worry that when I start to deal with this issue then I will become all emotional and rambling like a drunk"

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