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Ghost in cemetery dream

THE DREAM I was in some kind of exam maybe history or economics. I was trying to read through the paper and make sense of it all. But it just didn't make sense. I realised that the time was running out and I had only done 2 essays and I needed to do 4 to complete the exam. I had no chance. The most I was going to do was 3 and I was struggling with that. I was confused, and not able to cope.

THE REALITY Just recently the dreamer had been trying to pull himself together and concentrate on work, he had been very ill. It had been working but in the last day or so he was getting severe headaches and was not really able to see. He was trying to push himself and meet the standards of work that were required but actually his health had become severely impaired and was hindering him.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Most people who are not experienced at understanding dreams will think "I have not had an exam for many years so why would I get an exam dream." In reality we are being tested every day and have to meet certain standards. This is a theme that frequently affects us. This dreamer was trying to "push himself" and meet the grade required just recently. Yet the day before he had been particularly tired and worn out. His eyes were severely affected by some kind of illness.

Dreams will often link into moments when our health has taken a turn for the worse. In some dreams you might get obvious symbols like "feeling ill". In other cases the symbols might not be obvious. Many people get dreams about old people when they are feeling ill, as old people suffer from many ailments. This dreamer got a dream about failing an exam. This does not seem immediately relevant but it does tap into this type of thought "I cannot seem to pass the test" or "meet the standard required." The meaning is still the same. We just have to ammend the dreams meaning to a feeling like "I cannot meet the standard required because of my worsening health."

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