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A convenient toilet dream

THE DREAM I was in a school - it was maybe my old high school. I was looking for a toilet which was conveniently placed. There seemed to be some narrator or commentary which was explaining the need for a convenient and private toilet.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer suffered from bowel problems. Recently he had made a new friend but had not told this friend about his bowel problems and frequent accidents. Quite often he needed to sort out his toilet problems easily. It was making him panic.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dreams are in the here and now. This dreamer suffered from bowel problems so this dream had a relevance to his whole life. It would be a mistake to translate this dreams meaning into a phrase like "I have had bowel problems all my life."

If we look carefully at the dreamers situation we find out that he had just developed a new friendship and actually his bowel problems were particularly pressing. He had not told this friend that he had bowel problems and so if he was to have an accident it would be a complete surprise to him. So we see this dream seems to link to the following types of emotions "I have formed a new friendship but have not told him that I have bowel problems. So I am feeling a real sense of panic in case I have an accident. I feel under real pressure not to have any accidents."

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