Married to a cactus - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I keep marrying a cactus in my dreams!

THE REALITY The dreamer was a troubled teenager. He has been worrying about his exams and whether or not he'll pass. He is also worrying about his future, if he'll get into a good university or not. He does think school is pointless to a degree and he does HATE school and teachers more than anything.

THE INTERPRETATION This dream came at a time of exams. Weddings tend to link to commitments. So this dream is in some way linked to commitments. So it could easily link to a commitment towards exams.

Cactuses live in the desert. They have to live in a very sparse environment. Deserts tend to symbolise things that mean little to us. In this case they could represent the need to have to commit towards exams and teachers and studying. They probably capture the following feeling - "I hate exams and schools. Yet I know these are important. I juts dislike having to commit myself to something that do not interest me at all".

Symbolic Meanings
MARRIAGE : "a strong commitment"
CACTUS : "having to survive in an environment which is uninteresting and means nothing "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I have to commit myself to my exams. But sometimes this study seems so pointless. I hate studying but know I have got to do it"

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