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Terrible diarrhoea dream

THE DREAM I was in bed and I had terrible diarrhoea. It happened twice in quick succession.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The dreamer woke up from the dream thinking he had terrible diarrhoea. But then he realised that it was just a dream. He had had terrible diarrhoea recently and seemed to have irritable bowel syndrome. That night he felt rumblings in his stomach and thought it was starting again. Really the dream was just anticipating the worst. Actually he was fine and this was just a false alarm.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams are about our feelings rather than facts. So earlier in the night the dreamer had heard rumblings in his stomach and took this as a sign that he was going to have diarrhoea. The drream then caught this feeling "I heard this rumbling in my stomach. So here we go again! I am going to have diarrhoea in an hour or so."

In fact he never had diarrhoea that morning. It was a false alarm. But dreams capture our feelings rather than facts. The dreamers intuition was that soon he would have diarrhoea. That was his best guess.

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