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Dream - teenager alcoholic

THE DREAM - There was some teenager boy who was trying to overcome some kind of addiction or drinking problem. He seemed unfortunate and it was hard him being a teenager. It seemed he had a huge burden on his back, all the troubles of the world. He seemed so vulnerable. So quiet and having to face so much.

THE REALITY The dreamer had an alcohol addiction. He needed to have a few days off as he was in great pain. The previous day he had been stressed out by a girl who kept asking him why he didn't want to talk to her. They had been friends. He was a lot older than her, she was little more than a teenager. She suffered from an eating disorder and other mental health prolems. He felt like saying that he was an alcoholic and that he did not feel like talking to her. Instead he just ignored her.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are often about big incidents from the day before as we think over important events and emotions during our sleep. The day before this dream the dreamer was involved in a major confrontation. A girl he had been avoiding demanded to know why he had been ignoring her. This is obviously an issue that could trigger a dream. But what did the dream mean?

The dream seems to concentrate on the dreamers own problems as he was suffering from a severe drink problem. So that could hint at this type of thought "I cannot be coping with her confrontation as I have so many problems of my own."

It is interesting that the dream was a teenage boy. The dreamer was definitely no teenager. But he was as weak and vulnerable as a little boy who had the world's trouble's on his back. This hints at the following type of thoughts "I am so vulnerable and I feel like a small boy unable to face the world." It might also hint at this thought "she seemed to care about me and confronted me because she cared and hates to see me so troubled."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I just ignored her. She confronted me and asked why I was not speaking to her any more. I just felt like saying I had a major alcohol problem and could not cope with her."

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