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Half my teeth crumble - dream symbolism

A dream about the end of the world took place as the dreamer was worried about his health and feared that he would never recover. So an end of the world dream was symbolic of the fears that his world was ending.

THE DREAM I was going into a restaurant and my teeth just crumbled and fell out. I was thinking this is quite serious now.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been having some really bad health problems and these were really serious now. The next day he was due to go to a restaurant with a friend. He had been having spells of diarrhoea and felt it was linked to the things that he was eating. He had been eating a lot at this friends house. He felt it was the food that she tended to eat which upset his stomach. This friend eat a lot of raw vegetables which his stomach did not agree with.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dreamer's health was deteriorating and so it seems to be a symbol for this chronic health situation.

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