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Fumbling old man dream

THE DREAM I was in some pub and the bar lady was there. We had to give money for something. I was more generous than usual because I wanted to impress the bar lady. I was counting the money - two tens and then a two pound coin. That as too much. I was counting the money like an old person all thumbs and fingers and saying it was a pound coin when it was two pound coin (it was like my eyesight was like an old man's).

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was worried about his eyesight and was trying to avoid taking on extra responsibilities. The day before a charity was trying to get him to do some extra work which would put extra strain on his eyes. The dreamer was wanting to do this because it would involve him with a woman he was attracted to but knew he should not strain his eyesight.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dreamer had been thinking about one thing in particular the day before, he had agreed to take on extra voluntary work. Dreams will link to things that are on our minds. How can we link this dream to this new situation in the dreamers life?

Firstly, the dreamer is fumbling with money like he cannot see the coins (like an old man). This emphasised his failing eyesight and linked to thoughts like "I should not have agreed to extra voluntary work as this will strain my eyesight."

In the dream the dreamer is impressing a bar lady. This theme, impressing a woman, was relevant to this self same issue. The dreamer was took on this extra work partly to impress a woman he was strongly attracted to.

So this dream includes two major themes "getting old" and "impressing a woman." In real life these two themes were highly relevant to this major issue from the day before. It seems that the dream has caught this exact thought "I should not have take on this extra work as my eyesight is failing. I know I was just trying to impress this woman."

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