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A dream analysis about a weekend wedding

THE DREAMMy dream last night involved mike's friends that got married in Italy (we went to their wedding) with Mike as the best man again only this time I wasn't invited. The wedding was at a park opposite my Mum and Dads house and I lived in a little hut on the park. I observed most of the wedding from the sidelines and interestingly my ex was there, but I tried to avoid him throughout.

At the end of the day, Mike ended our relationship, I can't remember how exactly, but it was almost as if he didn't have to say the words, we both just knew. (I'm petrified that this could happen in real life).

I went to say congratulations to the bride and groom at the very end of the evening and upon saying bye to the groom he wished me a good life which cemented the fact that the relationship was over, I would never see them again.

I wasn't sure whether to speak to the groom about it, but decided I had nothing to loose so asked him what he knew. He said he'd spent the night before the wedding with Mike and Mike was unsure of what to do regarding our relationship and the groom advised him that if it's not right to end it. When I was speaking to the groom, he became very, very tall like a huge oak tree (he's already 6'6"!) and I felt very small indeed. I walked away feeling very sad and lonely.

THE REALITY The dreamer was four months into a relationship. Over the last 4 or 5 weeks they had been busy with activities every weekend and the dreamer loved every minute of it. The dreamer had been thinking about the relationship and was scared that as they had no more diary commitments to each other then the relationship will not go anywhere. That weekend he was away with the boys on a mountain biking trip.

DREAM ANALYSIS Most dreams if interpreted correctly will not surprise the dreamer. This dream is typical of many. It seems to feature something that happened in reality yet it also seems to be different. Such dreams will tend to represent thoughts about this situation.

The dream features one of the weekend diary dates with her boyfriend. Yet this time she was not invited. The relationship had recently revolved around these diary events. Yet this week in real life she was not invited.

The dream merely represents the dreamers anxieties about this. Worries that the relationship could end. Hence she is trying to avoid her ex boyfriend.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
AVOID EX: She is trying to avoid her ex because she fears that her present boyfriend is in danger of becoming an ex boyfriend.
WEEKEND WEDDING: The dreamers relationship with her boyfriend revolved around these diary dates. This event represents the nature of their relationship.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am loving my relationship. I have had some good weekends with him but this week he is spending time with the boys. I wonder where the relationship is going as I want to move into something more serious yet he probably doesn't "

See how the Symbolic meanings link to the dreamers feelings about their relationship

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