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Dream - body in wine

THE DREAM - I was looking at a body which was nearly immersed in a tub. The rub was full of rotting fruits and insects and bugs where eating away at it. It's face was looking very bad. It was as near to death as you can be without being actually dead. It reminded me of a tub of home made wine. The body was literally being pickled alive.

THE REALITY The dreamer was drinking heavily. He had now started to make home made wine. The day before he had been thinking how he wasn't looking well. A year before he was tired and worn out yet people were occasionally saying that he was looking well even when he was feeling tired. Now no one was saying that as the alcohol was getting to him.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream reminded the dreamer of his own home made wine. Since he had been thinking about his own severe drink problem its likely that the dream is about that. The metaphor is quite clear as the body is actually in the fermenting wine. That is a symbol for the damage that alcohol does to the body. It destroys you from inside. The person was literally being pickled alive.

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