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Dream - catch a mouse

THE DREAM - I was in bed and there was a mouse (I have had a mouse infestation recently). I was jumping about trying to get it. I caught it and it turned out to be a family of mice with little baby mice. I scooped them into a sheet. They were a really nice family and they had this cute little baby mouse. Then I was on southcliff and was going to the countryside. I wanted to go as far away as possible so they would not return. But I was struggling with them and they escaped. They seemed very upset and indignant that I wanted rid of them. They were wondering why I didn't appreciate them.

THE REALITY The dreamer had a mouse infestation at the time. He had been patient and did not want to kill it. He had taken the view "it's just a little mouse, it cannot hurt me". But the previous night it had eaten into a loaf of bread and it had to be thrown away. The dreamer was vegetarian and hated the thought of killing a little mouse. A friend had mentioned about getting a humane mousetrap and then taking it a distance away from his house, as they might come back otherwise. The mice seemed to come out at night and the dreamer could hear them scurrying around.

THE INTERPRETATION This dream seems quite literal in many ways. The dreamer had a mouse infestation and so it is very possible that the dream links entirely to some thoughts and emotions about that exact subject. In real life the dreamer had been discussing the idea of a humane mouse trap and this dream seems to portray that exact thing.

The mice were portrayed in a sweet and sentimental way. They were cute and adorable and happy little creatures. This helps portray the feeling "I hate killing these cute little creatures." The family of mice also deals with the thought that the mice are breeding. So the dream shows that the dreamer is realising that "if they start breeding then I will have a real problem."

Notice that the mice were in his bed. What could that symbolise? The mouse tended to come out at night and the dreamer could hear it scurrying around. So he tended to associate the mouse with being in bed. But the bed is also the dreamers own personal space. The dream maybe deals with the dreamer feeling that the mouse had crossed a boundary. It was OK if it kept out of his way. But this mouse was now eating his food and it disturbed him. A family of mice in your bed is just way too much.

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