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Dream symbolism - kiss ex boyfriend

Dreams about an ex may link many things such as: Your continued feelings towards them; Your feelings about moving on; or even your thoughts that your current boyfriend may soon become your ex boyfriend.

THE DREAM The dreamer was getting recurring dreams about her ex boyfriend.

I dreamt of me running to him and kissing him on the lips, then stepping away quickly and saying "oh I'm sorry - I forgot" meaning I forgot that we had broken up.

I had a dream of him sending text messages saying "I want you I want you I want you I want you".

I dreamt of him having a conversation that went something like 'Hey. There's something I want to do' and he replies 'what's that?' I reply back that I want to go and see the stars and he agrees. I am so happy that I bring a blanket and things.

ASSOCIATIONS AND DREAM SYMBOLISM The following associations can be made with the dream.
1. The dreamer really enjoyed the dream and wished she could get back with her ex.
2. Blankets are a symbol of comfort. The dreamer certainly needed comforting over her breakup.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream seems to deal with the following themes
- FORGET. The dreamer has not quite accepted that the relationship has broken up yet.
- BLANKET. A need for comfort
- WISHING. The dreamer wants things to return to the way that they were.

If you weave together these themes and relate the dream to real life then you find that the dream captures the following feelings - "Sometimes I forget that we have broken up. Its difficult to accept. I really wish things could return to how they were"

So its really just an emotional dream showing that the dreamer has not accepted and dealt with the breakup yet.

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