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Running easily dream

THE DREAM I was running and running very easily. It seemed to be a long distance run. I had already gone five or so miles and was going past some village about ten miles from home. I seemed to be overtaking some people.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION In real life the dreamer was feeling very fit and healthy. This was in contrast to the day before as he had been feeling very tired and worn out and feeling as if he was getting old.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dreams where you are running are often very simple to understand. They can simply mean that you are feeling very healthy (healthy people run very far and very fast). We constantly monitor our health and if you feel especially unhealthy or healthy then expect to have a dream about it. This dreamer was feeling especially healthy and fit the day before. This was in complete contrast to two days before when he was feeling very old and tired. The dream probably catches this feeling "I was feeling really healthy yesterday. I felt much better than the day before when I was really tired."

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